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About the project


Dedication to quality products has always connected us. Backtoquality is focused on original and unique high-quality products
that are not widely available in stores or e-shops. Our missions is to raise the awareness of the high-quality, unique products that we offer.

New Opportunities

This platform offers unique, original, high quality goods. Backtoquality informs customers and recommends new products. Customers can easily review and buy carefully selected products from reliable manufacturers.


Our customers are our inspiration. We are more than happy to get your feedback or advice, always interested in your thoughts and recommendation. If you know the best producer in your district or have noticed unique, original, local or traditional quality goods, let us know. We are also interested in your needs and desires.


Backtoquality is a unique online shop platform that combines purchase of original and unique high-quality product with a pleasant experience and a higher goal – to create a healthier and better world.

Better World

With YOU – we are creating a better world!

We are interested in the origins of our products. Processing of raw materials, cultivation methods, as well as behind the scenes are important to us.  We also care about the working conditions at the manufacturers. We are passionate about buying and selling quality goods and also about sharing our personal experience. We shop with passion. Our enthusiasm about quality goods helps us change the conventional way of shopping while spreading the word about our mission.

Thank you being unique. Thank you buying backtoquality!

Your backtoquality team

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